Noor Jehan never knew that her husband would be such a complicated man. Although she was already in shock as she wasn’t expecting a less qualified person than her, as a life partner but not all illiterate people are so rough as much as her husband was. Also it was beyond her imagination, that why he treats her so badly even she serves him with sincerity?

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Noor-e-Zindagi Drama Details
On the other hand, Saleem, Noor Jehan’s husband was reeling his mind with anger. How could she say that! How dare she! His mind was spewing insults, my friends are right, so what if she is more educated than me, that doesn’t makes her stand higher, because I am her husband and no matter what, I should always have a upper hand! He thought ruthlessly, I’ll teach her such a lesson she wouldn’t be able to look at me in the eye again. Worthless woman! Thinks that I will be suppressed by her education? NEVER! Women shouldn’t be considered more than a pawn.

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These are the two states of mind of entirely different people who have been bond together in the life long relationship of marriage. Noor Jehan being a kind hearted, beautiful and a home-maker is an apple of her father’s eye, who has always prays for his dutiful daughter’s peaceful life and a life partner who could understand her true worth, but destiny has its own plans and she is married off to a primary pass, grocery store owner, who doesn’t believes in respecting women yet alone regarding them equal. That’s why when Noor Jehan entered his life; he started to treat her on low grounds in order to counter his inferiority complex, which he feels in her presence. The turmoil of this kind of opposite natured marriages, is explained with responsibility in the drama serial, ”Noor-e-Zindagi”, produced under the umbrella of 7th Sky Entertainment, directed by Siraj-ul-Haq and written by Sarwat Nazir, with Aisha Khan perfectly portraying Noor Jehan and Syed Jibran as Saleem. The drama will be aired every Friday at 8:00pm on Geo TV.