Insane as it seems, but yes! a real life couple gets divorced on the sets of Joru Ka Ghulam.

And that wasn’t any ordinary couple! They were the sweetest love bird, Kanwar Arsalan and Fatima Affendi! Yes that gorgeous couple who have an adorable baby boy too!
Both names are well known and are talented actor and actresses of the Pakistani drama industry. It’s just a few years ago they were married and since then were deeply in love with each other.

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Real life couple got divorced on the sets of Joru Ka Ghulam!

So what actually happened between the two?

Ok ok before your heart breaks, we must reveal the actual story. It is true that a divorce DID happen on the sets of the drama serial, Joru Ka Ghulam but of Balaaj and Suhaina, NOT of Arsalan and Fatima!
Actually Balaaj and Suhaina are a couple in the drama serial played by Kanwar Arsalan and Fatima Affendi. In the drama also, they are both shown deeply in love but due to certain circumstances and conspiracies of the other bahu of the house, the selfish Naghma, who told everyone about their well kept secret of doing love marriage without telling anyone (it is strictly prohibited in their house!), Balaaj out of frustration and guilt, accidently divorces Suhaina!

Isn’t that devastating? Surely Balaaj would be feeling extremely guilt for his extreme act but now nothing can be done to revive it. Although it didn’t happened in reality (and we never ever want it to happen!), it really make us feel sorry for the couple as that might have been tough for them, even to act it. Kiddos to them!!