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Aisha khan is Returned & Becomes a Homemaker — August 1, 2016

Aisha khan is Returned & Becomes a Homemaker

The lovely and terrify aisha khan, due to her particular style and fantastic vocals she is a sweetheart of many human beings everywhere in the united states and around the world too.

Aisha Khan New Dramas

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Aisha khan will become a type hearted, knowledgeable homemaker in her newly released drama serial. Within the drama she is portraying a position of a loving and caring wife of a very rude and illiterate guy, who doesn’t recognize her a piece.
Aisha khan has executed a number of flexible roles and in every position she has completely nailed the character. Whether it is of a nasty vamp or a cussed manipulative lady, she has done all of it.
Sure! Now not in fact but we’re sure whenever she’ll be, she would be the exceptional

Download OST Naimat Drama Serial — July 30, 2016

Download OST Naimat Drama Serial

Naimat is new Pakistani drama which is now on airing on ARY Digital TV and today I am going to share the ost of naimat drama serial by nadeem abbas but before sharing the ost you should read the more information the this drama.

Direction: Abdullah Badlini
Written by: Nadia Ansari
Starting: Suneeta Marshal, Zahid Ahmed, Samina AHmed, Kiran Haq, Semi Pasha, Shahood Alvi, Ismat Zaidi & others.
Ost Singer: Nadeem Abbasi Lunewala

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Noor-e-Zindagi Drama Details — July 29, 2016

Noor-e-Zindagi Drama Details

Noor Jehan never knew that her husband would be such a complicated man. Although she was already in shock as she wasn’t expecting a less qualified person than her, as a life partner but not all illiterate people are so rough as much as her husband was. Also it was beyond her imagination, that why he treats her so badly even she serves him with sincerity?

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Noor-e-Zindagi Drama Details
On the other hand, Saleem, Noor Jehan’s husband was reeling his mind with anger. How could she say that! How dare she! His mind was spewing insults, my friends are right, so what if she is more educated than me, that doesn’t makes her stand higher, because I am her husband and no matter what, I should always have a upper hand! He thought ruthlessly, I’ll teach her such a lesson she wouldn’t be able to look at me in the eye again. Worthless woman! Thinks that I will be suppressed by her education? NEVER! Women shouldn’t be considered more than a pawn.

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These are the two states of mind of entirely different people who have been bond together in the life long relationship of marriage. Noor Jehan being a kind hearted, beautiful and a home-maker is an apple of her father’s eye, who has always prays for his dutiful daughter’s peaceful life and a life partner who could understand her true worth, but destiny has its own plans and she is married off to a primary pass, grocery store owner, who doesn’t believes in respecting women yet alone regarding them equal. That’s why when Noor Jehan entered his life; he started to treat her on low grounds in order to counter his inferiority complex, which he feels in her presence. The turmoil of this kind of opposite natured marriages, is explained with responsibility in the drama serial, ”Noor-e-Zindagi”, produced under the umbrella of 7th Sky Entertainment, directed by Siraj-ul-Haq and written by Sarwat Nazir, with Aisha Khan perfectly portraying Noor Jehan and Syed Jibran as Saleem. The drama will be aired every Friday at 8:00pm on Geo TV.

A Blog for Pakistani Drama Serials — July 28, 2016

A Blog for Pakistani Drama Serials

As you may know we are providing detailed articles about latest Pakistani dramas serials and I think I have already published three articles on this topic. But recently I was searching for Izn-e-Rukhsat drama on google then I found a blog on which detailed article about the drama izn-e-rukuhsat was mentioned.

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Mehmood Sahab breaking stereotypes! —

Mehmood Sahab breaking stereotypes!

Mehmood Sahab known for his wittiest nature and comical characters, have now opt for an entirely opposite role of sturdy and stubborn father who controls and rule every nook and corner of his household.

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Mehmood Sahab breaking stereotypes!

A character totally different from his previous ones but we can say it with surety that due to his spur-of-the-moment acting skills, he will successively portray this loud personality and people will surely love him the same even if he becomes bad (for a character of course!)

Mikaal of “Annie Ki Ayegee Baraat” Returns — July 27, 2016

Mikaal of “Annie Ki Ayegee Baraat” Returns

Shehzad Shaikh, who played the character of the confident and ambitious, Mikaal in the super hit serial “Annie Ki Ayegi Baraat”, returns to Geo in the new drama, Izn e Rukhsat by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, in which he is playing a role of Haider, along with the actress Soniya Marshal as her character, Sundas’s love interest.

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Mikaal of “Annie Ki Ayegee Baraat” Returns

Being the son of the dynamic father Jawaid Shaikh, Shehzad is no less gifted. With his princely looks and cute acting skills, he has given tremendous hits over the television screens. Mi Raqsam is another hit by Shehzad where he played a lead role of Zeeshan, a troubled young man.

Dhaani; A perfectly imperfect heroine! —

Dhaani; A perfectly imperfect heroine!

Whenever the word heroine is heard or read, an image of a perfectly beautiful girl with a heart of gold pops up in our mind. A girl who is flawless in nature, etiquettes and manners. A girl whose behavior is ideal for others. But hold on!

Our Dhaani is nothing of the sorts of heroine mentioned above. Yes she is beautiful and has a heart of gold but manners? ETIQUESTTES? One can’t be sure about them. Being raised in an old city mohalla, Dhaani, who doesn’t possess a thing for education, is all what a bubbly, loud and mischievous but vibrant girl would be. Having an astound love for colors and kites; Dhaani never misses a chance to enjoy them. Not only she flies kites but also notoriously loots them.

Dhaani; A perfectly imperfect heroine!
Being raised affectionately her loving aunt, as she lost her mother in the early ages; Dhaani is somehow innocently spoiled due to her aunt’s extreme love for her. Although her father is a strict and righteous man who although loves his daughters dearly but doesn’t tolerate a mistake, as he wants his daughters to be perfect in each way so that they can live with peace and harmony in their married lives. But Dhaani’s childish nature doesn’t let her to abandon her mischievous personality and she, without letting any worries to fall upon her, lives the life to its fullest.



It’s our first article on Best Pakistani Dramas and today we are going to share the details on new Pakistani drama serial Marzi.

There are many people in the world who help others just for the sake of humanity and to please the God. These people never ask for anything in return but then there also some people who although help others but also ruthlessly interfere and control their lives. They ask a lot in turn of the favors they give no matter how small they might be. Such people can be a serious nuisance in a society as they keep degrading others and try to deprive them off their real identity and self respect.

The drama revolves around the story of Manaal, a young and courageous girl who voices against her rich and dominating brother-in-law Irfan, who tries to control her and her family’s life. Irfan is shown a rich and a powerful man who owns several assets including a radio station. At the radio station, works a distant step cousin of Irfan, Zain who is a RJ and an amazing singer and wants to start his singing career but due to the notorious behavior of Irfan, his talent is being neglected. Irfan’s unjust involvement also irks Zain, but as he has no other job or any source of income, so he has to work according to the wishes of Irfan.The dramas portrays the suffering of being unjustly controlled and how will Manaal out of frustration decided to rebel against the unjust rule of Irfan. Presented by Baber Javed, the drama serial airs on every Thursdays at 8:00pm on Geo TV.